Frontier Education Foundation

The mission of Frontier Education Foundation is to equip students to conquer new frontiers with wisdom and understanding. The goals of Frontier Education Foundation are to partner and support schools designed to adapt to each student’s needs, nurturing their individual passions and preparing them for life. These goals will be accomplished through partnerships between school districts and Frontier to develop full day programs and/or campuses that focus on the Frontier educational model.
Our model includes ongoing, hands-on projects in an outdoor learning environment with core values of teaching students how to responsible, employable, accountable and purposeful.
Frontier Education Foundation intends to fully utilize environmental and community resources unique to each school’s location. Support, resources and collaboration have been offered with many different organizations and authorities such as:

  • Public Schools
  • Texas Government Officials, including Lieutenant Governor, State Senators and
  • District Representatives
  • County 4H and AgriScience Offices
  • County Master Gardener’s Groups
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Bank Institutions
  • Local Engineering and Business Partnerships for mentoring student projects
  • Local Community Colleges and Universities
  • Local Churches and Non-profit organizations

Frontier programs and campuses are an effective way to improve the quality of education for all students. Through our daily projects and learning period expositions, Frontier inspires and motivates community engagement in the everyday life of our students. In turn, community engagement will give students a real look and experience into everyday life in and beyond the classroom.